A look into what we’re working on. For now and forever.


A weekend long hackathon encouraging creators of all types to resolve critical problems


Another weekend long hackathon dedicated to hardware creators building solutions in tech

Innovation Fair

A 6 month research project open for k-12 to study and report on creations of the future

Grant Program

A plan to roll out funds and grants to local organizations and schools to help who they serve


Frequent meetups on campus or around to learn new and useful skills and grow as a group

Community Hall

A monthly meeting with local members and our team to plan future events and initiatives


Scheduled courses offered to anyone to help grow their education and skills to support a better future

Club Excel

Support for high school clubs working to grow skill sets that help them for the rest of life

Game Jam

A weekend long game making festival for aspiring game developers and designers.


Community driven talks in local venues for members to learn about changes in their field and industry

Launch Week

A week long event to help educate entrepreneurs on creating and pushing out an idea they believe in

Idea Roast

An event that brings together members to create, build, and vote on powerful ideas together

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